What to visit in Mallorca

Organising your holidays in Majorca and not knowing where to start to get to know the island is something very typical. Thanks to all the places and corners of this spectacular island, deciding what to visit in Majorca can be very complicated.

Moreover, in Mallorca you can find all kinds of plans. From the famous beaches of Mallorca to hiking routes in the Serra de Tramuntana. Depending on the day, you will be able to do one plan or another. But thanks to the good weather in Mallorca, there will always be a perfect plan to do.

If you are wondering what to visit in Mallorca, we have the answer – everything! But to give you an idea of the best places to visit on the island, today we would like to recommend some of them. They are very different places, but we are sure you and the whole family will love them!

Palma de Mallorca

To come to Mallorca and not visit Palma is, without a doubt, a big mistake. The capital of Mallorca is one of the obligatory stops on the island. Its beauty and atmosphere attract all visitors to Mallorca to spend a day in its streets.

As soon as you arrive in Palma you will come across the most abeautiful building in Mallorca: the incredible Palma Cathedral. It is the closest cathedral in the world to the sea. But this is not the only thing that makes it unique. Its beauty, its rose window and the art inside will make you fall in love with this building. You should definitely visit it during your holidays in Mallorca.

The winding streets full of buildings and history of Palma are another must-see in Mallorca. The passage of time has made these streets tell thousands of stories. You will also be able to see the typical Mallorcan patios of Palma’s noble houses, which you will love!

But you will also have time to stroll around the borne and get to know the shops of Mallorca. In these streets you will find all kinds of shops where you can buy what you are looking for. Or, on the other hand, bars and restaurants where you can discover and enjoy traditional Mallorcan cuisine or a refreshing drink. You choose!

Palma Aquarium

If you are travelling to Mallorca with children, Palma Aquarium is a must. Located just a few kilometres from Palma, it is the ideal place to enjoy a totally different day out in Mallorca. So if you are wondering what to visit in Majorca, this place has to be among your plans.

Palma Aquarim shows all the marine animals from the Mediterranean Sea, but also from other parts of the world. You will walk among sharks, whales and all kinds of incredible marine animals.

But that’s not all, you can also enjoy the different areas of Palma Aquarium and get up close to these marine species and even touch them! It will be a unique experience for the whole family.

There are also 3D videos that will allow you to get up close to these animals and learn all about them. Palma Aquarium organises all kinds of events so that you can get to know these little-known animals as much as possible. You can even dive with them. Interesting, isn’t it?

Bellver Castle

In Palma de Mallorca, just a few kilometres from the centre, you will find Bellver Castle, one of the most emblematic places in Mallorca. It is one of the few round castles in the world. But that is not the only thing that makes it special.

The Bellver Castle was ordered to be built by James II. He placed it on top of a small mountain in Palma so that he could have a good view of the bay of Palma. And that is where its name comes from. Bellver in old Catalan translates as good view, which is undoubtedly one of the characteristics of this Mallorcan castle.

Surrounding Bellver Castle is a large forest where you can go for walks and picnics. But without a doubt, you must enter the castle to get to know the magic of this place. Its wide walls and unique shape will make you want to know everything about this castle in Mallorca.

You will also find a bar where you can have a drink after visiting Bellver Castle. It is also the perfect place to enjoy the views of the whole of Palma that you will have from this point, which are incredible!

Sa Dragonera

If you are wondering what to visit in Majorca, today we want to offer you a totally different plan. It is the island of Dragonera. Located just a few miles off the coast of Majorca, it is a different and fun plan for everyone.

Sa Dragonera is a beautiful island located to the west of Mallorca. Its location makes it unique and you can enjoy all the flora and fauna of the Mediterranean. So going on an excursion in Majorca and choosing Sa Dragonera as your destination is undoubtedly the perfect plan.

From the port of Andratx or from the coastal town of Sant Elmo, different classic-style boats will take you to this small island. Once you arrive at Sa Dragonera, you can go on an excursion to learn more about it, but you can also visit the museum that you will find as soon as you arrive.

Holiday Center

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