Villages of Mallorca

One of the many things to do on the island during your holidays in Mallorca is to visit the different villages of Mallorca. All the villages of Mallorca are very different from each other and have characteristics that make them special. Therefore, do not hesitate to visit some of the villages of Majorca to get to know the most magical corners of the island.

In Majorca you can find a multitude of coastal villages with more seafaring characteristics and more focused on the days of good weather in Majorca. But there are also quiet and particularly beautiful mountain villages. For these reasons, today we are going to recommend some of the different villages in Mallorca.

Moreover, all of them have a lot of history and are located in different areas of Mallorca. For example, the villages of the Serra de Tramuntana. Their location, atmosphere and harmony make the villages located here very special.

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Fornalutx is one of the smallest villages in Mallorca, and perhaps that is what gives it its special charm. Its narrow, winding streets are the ideal place to discover magical corners of the Serra de Tramuntana.

Fornalutx is very close to the highest point of Mallorca: the Puig Major. Many have recognised this Mallorcan village as one of the most beautiful in Spain and we are not surprised!

What to see in Fornalutx? Strolling through the narrow streets of Fornalutx you will come across some unique places. For example, the Plaza de España, where most of the cafés and restaurants are located, is a beautiful place. And right next to it you will find the church of Fornalutx, whose origins date back to the 13th century.

The most interesting streets to visit in Fornalutx are Carrer de l’Església, Carrer de Sant Sebastiá and Carrer del Metge Mayol. In addition, if you want to try authentic Mallorcan food in Fornalutx there is an ideal restaurant for this: Ca Na Antuna.


Another Mallorcan village in the Serra de Tramuntana is Valldemossa. It is a very popular village because of its streets full of life and flowers. Valldemossa is characterised by the fact that it is built with the traditional Mallorcan dry stone.

Valldemossa has unique characteristics. The best known is the beautiful Valldemossa Charterhouse. This place is famous for its structure and beauty but also for being the place where the famous composer Chopin lived.

Together with his wife, Frédéric Chopin spent a winter in Mallorca. He stayed in the cells of the Valldemossa Charterhouse. These can still be visited, and there is even a piano where Chopin composed some of his masterpieces.

During that period, his wife, George Sand, wrote a book known as A Winter in Mallorca. In it she speaks autobiographically about Mallorca, the customs of the place and the Mallorcans.

In Valldemossa you will also find other very special places. One of them is the house where Mallorca’s only saint was born and raised: Santa Catalina Tomás. And another of the things you have to do before leaving Valldemossa is to try its potato cakes. This is a Mallorcan sweet that is only made in this village and whose recipe is a secret.


Santanyí is located in the southern part of Mallorca. Although it is far from the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, it still shares similarities with the villages of Mallorca located in the mountainous area of the island.

Moreover, Santanyí is very close to some of the most beautiful beaches of Mallorca. Clear examples of this are: Cala Marmols, es Caló des Moro and Cala s’Almunia. These beaches of Mallorca are some of the most beautiful on the island due to their crystal clear waters and golden sands.

But Santanyí hides much more. Among its streets you can find the remains of the spectacular wall that formerly limited the town of Santanyí. All the streets, buildings and houses that are located inside these walls are known as the old town of Santanyí.

Santanyí is also well known for its beautiful weekly market. This market is held every Wednesday and Saturday of the year. And apart from finding zero-kilometre products and handicraft articles from Mallorca, you will find a lot of art. Both the market days in Santanyí and the day-to-day life of the town are full of art.

Santa Ponsa

Santa Ponsa is a beautiful town in Calviá. It is a very beautiful coastal area and popular with all visitors who choose to spend their holidays in Mallorca. Especially during the good weather in Mallorca.

This beautiful town in Mallorca has an extraordinary atmosphere. Its proximity to the sea, its variety of restaurants and its popularity make it the ideal place for your holidays in Mallorca.

One of the things that most attract visitors to Santa Ponsa, apart from the weekly markets in Calvia, is the beach of Santa Ponsa. A beautiful, long Mallorcan beach with white sands and transparent waters.

These are the main characteristics of Santa Ponsa beach, but there is much more! Here you will find sun beds and umbrellas, water sports and diving areas, toilets and fresh water showers.

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