Santa Ponsa

Are you planning a holiday in Mallorca and you don’t know where to stay? In this blog we make it easy for you, Santa Ponsa is the ideal place and then we explain why.

The only thing that is clear to you is that Mallorca is the ideal destination to spend your family holidays, but you are wondering in which town it is better to stay … We have no doubts and in this blog we will tell you why Santa Ponsa should be your holiday destination .

The town of Santa Ponsa, in addition to having an enviable location on the south coast of Mallorca, Santa Ponsa has many points in favor to offer a dream vacation to its tourists.

Santa Ponsa Beach

Santa Ponsa beach, for many one of the best beaches in Mallorca, has an enviable extension of approximately 1.5 kilometers of fine white sand. You will not find any problem to spread your towel or place the umbrella … The waters that bathe Santa Ponsa beach are 100% crystal clear and shallow, ideal for the little ones in the family.

But what makes Santa Ponsa beach one of the best beaches in Mallorca is that it has all the necessary services to make sure that its bathers enjoy a day at the beach in the best way. It offers water activities such as kayaking, paddle surfing, diving or sailing with the family on the beach by renting a pedal boat. Although you can also enjoy games in the sand, such as volleyball or soccer, among others.

Although if your priority is fun for young children, Santa Ponsa beach also has a children’s playground … Can you ask for more? Well, there is still more. Santa Ponsa beach has all kinds of services such as lifeguards, medical assistance, hammocks and umbrellas, showers and at the same time a great added value … A space adapted for people with disabilities.

Without a doubt, enough arguments for the beach of Santa Ponsa to be considered one of the best beaches in Mallorca.

Restaurants in Santa Ponsa

Another of the great virtues that the town of Santa Ponsa has are the wonderful restaurants that await inside. Restaurants in Santa Ponsa with a gastronomic offer for all tastes.

If you are looking for restaurants in Santa Ponsa with views of the sea, the beautiful bay, there are many possible options. Among them, the Mercader del Mar or the restaurant of the Santa Ponsa Yacht Club stand out. With these restaurants in Santa Ponsa you can enjoy a tasty Mediterranean offer on their menu. A real opportunity to try the best paella accompanied by fabulous views.

The area also has restaurants of all kinds. From vegan and healthy restaurants like Donna Vegana, Japanese and sushi specialists like Ebisu, Italians like Il Vivo or more local restaurants like Mesón del Rey where they offer typical Mallorcan food.

You will find a lot of variety and quality in any of the restaurants in Santa Ponsa. Your only blessed problem will be making the difficult decision about which restaurant in Santa Ponsa to visit first.

Cycling routes from Santa Ponsa

For cycling lovers, Santa Ponsa also becomes the ideal destination. It has numerous cycling routes from Santa Ponsa and specialized bike rides.

There are cycling routes from Santa Ponsa of all kinds, you have them short but intense, such as the climb to Coll de Palmanova of approximately 40 kilometers and of intermediate difficulty. There are also longer ones such as the climb to Coll de Sa Creu or if instead you are looking for flatter routes, Santa Ponsa to Port d’Andratx.

In the case of going with the family, cycling in Santa Ponsa can also be an interesting activity. Going all together on a bicycle along the coast will become a perfect experience if you combine it with a good ice cream afterwards.

In short, there are many cycling routes from Santa Ponsa, you just have to choose the one that best suits you and your family or your physical conditions … But of course in all of them you will enjoy a beautiful landscape during the bike journey, you choose the route that you choose.

Golf Santa Ponsa

Another of the attractions that the town of Santa Ponsa has is its wonderful and respected golf course, Golf Santa Ponsa. The golf course was designed in 1977 by Folco Nardi and has an extensive 18-hole course.

Golf Santa Ponsa has one of the largest holes in all of Europe, number 10, of no more and no less than 590 meters. Undoubtedly, the Santa Ponsa Golf course has a great name within this sport, it has hosted the prestigious European Tour 6 times. Golf Santa Ponsa has played players of the stature of Ballesteros, Langer, Woosnam, among many others.

Golf Santa Ponsa adds another hole in one more so that the town of Santa Ponsa becomes the ideal destination for your holidays in Mallorca.

Holiday Center

Now is the time to talk about the strong point of Santa Ponsa, the accommodation. Holiday Center is your ideal hotel in Santa Ponsa. Holiday Center, with its apartments, provides you and your family with well-being, comfort and the fabulous feeling of closeness that a home offers.

As you can see, Santa Ponsa is full of thousands of plans to do. Holiday Center is located just minutes from the best restaurants, beaches and activities mentioned.

In addition, in its facilities, you can live moments of calm and peace that are so necessary during your holidays in Mallorca. But also fun with activities led by our monitors so that you and your family can continue adding experiences together.

Now yes, it can be said that the best alternative to visit Mallorca is Santa Ponsa, it is Holiday Center.


Diving in Mallorca

Mallorca is the perfect place to organize your summer holidays. There are thousands of activities and places to discover on the island of Mallorca. In this way you will be able to know the amount of wonders it hides. Apart from the well-known beaches of Mallorca, it can be known through excursions, climbing and cycling. Or for those more adventurous, discovering scuba diving in Mallorca.

The Balearic Islands consist of 8 natural parks, 2 nature reserves and 2 natural monuments. Most of these places are located on the larger island. Therefore, if you are planning your Majorca holidays and you don’t know where to start, we recommend that you take a diving excursion in Majorca in some of the following natural parks and marine reserves.

Dragonera Island

Isla Dragonera was established as a natural park in 1995, to the west of Mallorca and just 800 meters from the coast of Andratx. It is an archipelago made up of Dragonera, the largest island of all. This archipelago consists of around 275 hectares, 2 smaller islets known as Mitjana and Pantaleu and, finally, with a small group of islands called els Calafats.

To get to the island Dragonera can be accessed by organized boats or directly with diving schools. You can leave from the port of Andratx or from the closest point that is Sant Elmo.

The seabed that makes up this entire coast is a paradise for anyone who likes nature and the sea. As it contains a rocky bottom and the usual crystalline waters of Mallorca, it is simply an ecological treasure.

You can also find beautiful caves, with air bubbles inside, in much of the island. They can be accessed and enjoyed during your diving excursion to the island of Dragonera.

In turn, and to rest from diving, excursions can be made in Dragonera. This excursion will take you to the end of the island, where the first lighthouse built on it is located. From this point you can see wonderful views of cliffs, the sea and the well-known Serra de Tramuntana.


Cabrera is a natural park that has a large land area, with almost 1,400 protected hectares, and a maritime part, with around 90,000 hectares. It is made up of the island of Cabrera, a smaller one called illa des Conills, and 15 smaller islets around them.

It is located in the south of Mallorca, with the Colonia de Sant Jordi as its closest point. The boats that will allow you to make your diving excursions in Cabrera set sail from this town.

In the dives you do in the Cabrera Sea you will find a multitude of different species. From fish to other marine animals such as mollusks and cetaceans. Clear examples are sea bream, sea bass, rays, nacras and even sea turtles. All this lives surrounded by the popular posidonia, called the lung of the Mediterranean.

As it contains so much marine diversity, fishing is prohibited and altering the marine and terrestrial ecosystem to protect it and allow it to follow its natural course.

There are several places where you can dive in Cabrera, but there is a very special one: the blue cave. It is a cave in Cabrera that at sunset, when sunlight enters, dyes the cave a spectacular intense blue color. Inside this you can see a variety of marine animals and also go deep until you find other small caves inside.

El Toro

El Toro was declared a marine reserve in 2004. This was due to the number of different marine species and due to the great diversity that exists in this territory. It ranges from Clot del Moro to Cala Refeubetx.

It is located in the urban town of Santa Ponsa and can be accessed from the Port
Adriano or from the Santa Ponsa Yacht Club, these being the closest ports to the Toro Marine Reserve.

It is a very popular place for divers from all over the world. In El Toro you can find a variety of fish in a very special habitat. Fish such as amberjacks, moray eels, groupers, and barracudas. In turn, you will find other marine animals such as octopuses, mollusks and nudibranchs.

The dives at this point of the island are viable for all types of divers, from novice to experienced. But if you still do not dare to dive in Mallorca, it is the ideal place to snorkel, due to the cliffs that are created between the sea and the land of the island of Toro.

The Malgrats Islands

The Malgrats Islands is an archipelago made up of a larger island called Malgrat and 3 smaller ones known as Conills, Rates or d’Enmig. This area was declared a marine reserve in 2004, like El Toro. Since then its marine life has increased dramatically, making this place even more valuable.

Also due to being a nature reserve fishing is restricted. Like the anchorage by all kinds of boats, due to the protection of the well-known posidonia, from the Mediterranean Sea.

It is located in the municipality of Calviá and can be reached from the Santa Ponsa Yacht Club and from Port Adriano. From these places you can access up to 5 dive sites in the Malgrats Islands.

This place has a very special diving section due to the fact that a 133 meter Balearic frigate was sunk a few meters from the Malgrats Islands. It is located 400 meters deep and has since become an artificial reef. But, thanks to it, marine life has been enhanced and it serves as a home for all the marine animals in the area. In this way it is also beneficial to conserve natural reefs, and to keep marine life growing.

Holiday Center

As you may have seen, all these places are very close to our hotel in Mallorca Holiday Center. Therefore, if you are looking for a place to stay and enjoy diving: Holiday Center is your ideal hotel. At our aparthotel in Mallorca we want you to enjoy the island of Mallorca and, in turn, the moment of tranquility when you arrive at the hotel after a wonderful day discovering the Mallorca. So if you are thinking of booking your holidays in Mallorca and wanting to dive, book now at Holiday Center for a wonderful experience. We will wait for you!

What to do in Mallorca

Mallorca is a tourist destination loved by millions of people and every year tourists come from all over the world to spend their holidays in Mallorca. But, as is normal before starting a holiday, many ask themselves what to do in Mallorca before leaving.

There are thousands of things to do in Mallorca and through this post we intend to help you plan your trip to Mallorca to see the best of the Island.


Summer in Santa Ponsa

Santa Ponsa is one of the tourist places par excellence on the island of Mallorca, due to its beaches, its beautiful scenery and the wide variety of leisure and entertainment on offer in its streets. Santa Ponsa belongs to the municipality of Calvià and together with the other towns of this municipality (Palmanova, Magaluf, Illetas, Portals Nous…) they form a great tourist and residential complex, ideal to spend a family holiday, with friends or with your partner.


Hotel Santa Ponsa

Santa Ponsa, also known as Santa Ponça in Catalan, is one of the most important tourist towns on the island of Mallorca and the area with the largest number of inhabitants in the municipality of Calviá. It has some of the best hotels on the island and an excellent selection of restaurants.


The weather in Santa Ponsa

The weather in Santa Ponsa is therefore characterised by a Mediterranean climate in which temperatures tend to be warm practically all year round, rainfall is scarce and the sun predominates for over 300 days a year.

Santa Ponsa is a town that belongs to the municipality of Calvià. Municipality of the island of Palma de Mallorca, Mediterranean islands located in eastern Spain. The island of Majorca is without a doubt one of the tourist destinations par excellence, both for its scenic beauty, its wonderful climate and the great variety of leisure and hotel offerings.


markets in santa ponsa

The best markets in Santa Ponsa and surroundings

Do you know the best markets in Santa Ponsa and its surroundings? The local and artisan markets are one of the island’s great strengths, as well as one of the biggest tourist interests. One of the best ways to get to know the island of Mallorca is through its traditional markets, where you can find countless different products. From the best fruit and vegetables from organic orchards to Mallorcan cheeses and sausages, fruit trees or clothing and furniture. In addition, the market in Santa Ponsa and surrounding areas are some of Mallorca’s best, so if you plan to visit the Mediterranean island, don’t miss them!


What to do in Santa Ponsa

Ready for an unforgettable vacation? If you’ve already decided to travel to Mallorca and stay in the fantastic town of Santa Ponsa, in the southwest of the island, you’ve made the right choice. Mallorca is well known as one of the Mediterranean’s favourite destinations, and no wonder. It offers a wonderful climate, warm temperatures almost all year round, incredible beaches and secret coves, as well as charming villages and mountain peaks ideal for cycling or hiking.


Hotels to travel with children in Santa Ponsa

Mallorca has become one of the most important destinations for family tourism. Every year hundreds of families come to Mallorca to spend their holidays with their families. The hotel in Santa Ponsa Holiday Center is more than just a hotel. It is your home, when you are away from home. It is your place to disconnect, enjoy and make your holidays an unforgettable experience for you and yours.