Santa Ponsa Beach

Santa Ponsa Beach

Santa Ponsa is one of the towns on Mallorca with the highest number of tourists on the island. One of the reasons for this is the fabulous Mediterranean climate and the average annual temperature of the area. These conditions favour sun and beach tourism in Mallorca and, above all, the beach of Santa Ponsa, which is alive and well all year round. Whatever time of year it is in Playa de Santa Ponsa, you will have things to do.

Santa Ponsa in itself is a city designed to cover all the needs of tourists during their holidays in Mallorca, but also to provide value and leisure activities to Mallorcan residents who come to Santa Ponsa to spend the weekend or simply to enjoy a day at the beach with friends or family. The promenade along the coast of Santa Ponsa has hundreds of restaurants, bars, supermarkets, souvenirs, among other facilities so that you don’t miss anything on your visit to Santa Ponsa Beach.

Characteristics and services of Santa Ponsa beach

With regard to the characteristics of Santa Ponsa beach, it is important to highlight that it is one of the busiest beaches in the southwest of the island and that it has all the necessary facilities to offer all the services and cover all the needs of tourists or residents who come from all over Mallorca to spend the day with their family, friends or partner on Sana Ponsa beach.

It is important to bear in mind that Santa Ponsa Beach is a beach of white sand and crystal clear waters, which covers almost a kilometer and a half of coastline. In addition, in several areas of the beach, the width of the beach exceeds one hundred meters. This feature makes it possible for the beach to have all the necessary facilities to offer the best and most complete service to its swimmers.

It has several showers along the entire route of the beach, toilets, several lifeguard stations and medical assistance to ensure safety, kiosks and spas to offer added value to the day at the beach, swings for the entertainment of the youngest members of the family and there is also an area adapted for people with disabilities, through a walkway that allows wheelchair access. It is also important to note that fishing is permitted in specific places and that it is a beach where animals, camping and nudity are not allowed.

One of the favourite beach areas for many of Mallorca’s residents who know the beach coast is the pine grove area. A very pleasant area where you can combine sun and shade and enjoy a day at the beach in the purest Mallorcan style. In addition, in the last few months, a number of renovations have been carried out and areas of umbrellas and hammocks have been removed, in order to provide more space for visitors who come with their chairs or hammocks and their own umbrellas.

Access to the beach is easy. From the motorway exit there are only five minutes to reach the coast. Some areas are harder to park in than others. Especially the area of the pine grove, an area known and preferred by many Mallorcans. However, since the beach has almost a mile of coastline, finding your ideal place to enjoy a day at Playa de Santa Ponsa will not be difficult.

Santa Ponsa beach during the day

At the level of leisure activities in Santa Ponsa we can highlight especially water sports activities. For example Padel Surf, scuba diving, kayaking… for all ages and to enjoy with friends or family. A typical and well-known activity on the beach is the rental of velomares. There are several places to rent these and a fun activity to share with your loved ones.

It is also a characteristic area for the promotion of cycling in the bay. It has several bike rental stands and many of the hotels offer this service to their guests. Currently Santa Ponsa is becoming very aware of the road safety of cycling on its roads and is improving the infrastructure for this sport.
Without a doubt the ideal beach to plant the umbrella, spread the towel, fill yourself with sunscreen and enjoy the sun and the atmosphere of Mallorca.

Santa Ponsa Beach at night

The nightlife on the coast of Santa Ponsa is perfect for dining out with friends for a drink or for a romantic beachfront dinner with your partner.

There is a wide range of hotels and restaurants and dozens of restaurants and bars on the beachfront or on the third line of the beach that offer a wide variety of gastronomic possibilities. It is one of the places on Mallorca with the most possibilities and variety of offers. You will find restaurants specialising in the Mallorcan tradition, as well as restaurants specialising in international cuisine for all tastes and flavours.

It is also important to note that it has several Beach Club where you can enjoy the beach, swimming pools, restaurants and a drink. There are also several bars and discos where you can enjoy the best music and the best atmosphere in the area.

It’s true that summer is a much more pleasant time and that there are some places that only open during the season, so there are more options. However, the beach of Santa Ponsa is crowded all year round, which means that a large part of the hotel and tourism offer in the area is open all year round without differentiating it from the summer season.

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