Places to visit in Palma de Mallorca

During your vacations in Mallorca do not forget to visit its beautiful capital: Palma de Mallorca. Located in the southeastern part of Mallorca it is an obligatory stop in Mallorca. Thanks to being a small city, visiting its most iconic corners is very easy.

But being small does not mean that it does not have few places to visit. Both the old and the more modern parts of the city have places to visit in Palma de Mallorca. Its surface is a little more than 200 km², but in them you will find places with a lot of history.

The main place to visit in Palma de Mallorca is the Cathedral, also known as the Basilica of Santa Maria. It is a place known by all visitors to Mallorca, so today we are going to recommend you other places as beautiful as the Cathedral of Palma.
Do you want to know what to visit in Palma de Mallorca? Read on!

Bellver Castle

The Bellver Castle, together with the Palma Cathedral, are some of the greatest historical monuments in Mallorca. This castle is located in Palma, but about 15 minutes drive from the old town of Palma.

Built in the 14th century, it was constructed in order to have a panoramic view of the bay of Palma. From it they controlled the arrival of pirates and enemy troops. Its name also refers to its views. In old Catalan “Bellver” meant good view.

The shape of Bellver Castle is very unique. Bellver Castle is one of the few castles in the world with a round shape. The surroundings of the castle are also beautiful. Bellver Castle is surrounded by a spectacular forest. It is the ideal place to walk and enjoy nature.

Inside the Bellver Castle you can enjoy different areas. You will find beautiful rooms, but also a museum with different works of art and even a cafeteria where you can have a drink.

Old town of Palma

If you are looking for another place to visit in Palma de Mallorca, you should definitely visit and stroll through the center of Mallorca. Among its streets you will find several museums, art galleries, beautiful churches and many other incredible places.

While visiting Palma, we recommend you to take a look at 3 different structures and characteristic places of Mallorca. The first of them is the beautiful wall of Palma. Located just a few meters from the sea, this wall used to limit the city of Palma. There are still different pieces of it and it is beautiful to walk along it.

Another of the most characteristic things in the center of Palma are the Majorcan patios. The old manor houses in the old town of Palma have authentic Majorcan patios. Nowadays there are guided tours through different patios to know the differences between them and everything that characterizes them.

Finally, another recommendation is to know the whole area of the old Jewish quarter of Palma. Today you can still find plaques on the floors that show that in the past, this street belonged to the old Jewish quarter. In this area are located most of the jewelry shops of Mallorca, a trade that used to be linked to this religious and cultural group.

Palma’s promenade

The promenade of Palma is the perfect place for any of the activities in Mallorca. Whether you want to do sports or if you prefer to eat and have a few drinks, this is the right place.

In the promenade of Palma you will find a great promenade where every day, Mallorcans and visitors, do different sports. Here you can run, cycle or even rollerblade, while enjoying beautiful views of the Cathedral of Palma, the sea and the boats.

But also, Palma’s promenade is one of the most popular places to have lunch or dinner. On the seafront you will find many restaurants in Mallorca. In addition, for all tastes. Italian restaurants, Indian restaurants, delicious hamburgers and even a gastronomic market. After lunch or dinner on the promenade of Palma, you can have a drink in the different pubs and enjoy the atmosphere of the area, well known for its nightclubs.

Finally, we are going to recommend you a walk along the Port of Palma. In it you will be able to enjoy beautiful views. The Port of Palma is the biggest port of Majorca. In it you will enjoy to know the authentic Majorcan boats, known as “llauts”.

Palma Aquarium

For the children, what better option than to visit the Palma Aquarium. Just a few kilometers from Palma you will find this unique place. Without a doubt the perfect place to discover all the secrets of the Mediterranean Sea, and the whole world.

The Palma Aquarium is a journey through the depths. You will be able to see all kinds of marine animals. From penguins to beautiful beluga whales. In addition you will find different places where you can enjoy totally different experiences.

For the little ones there are playgrounds, but also an indoor playground, where children can play all year round. For everyone there is also a 3D cinema and different amazing activities. How to see sharks from a boat or directly swim with the sharks.

The opening hours of Palma Aquarium change according to the time of the year. But normally it is open from 10:00h until 17:00h. Palma Aquarium is open every day of the week. If you want to buy your tickets in advance, go to their website and you will find all the necessary information.

Holiday Center

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