The Cathedral of Mallorca, a unique monument in the heart of the promenade

If you are planning your trip to Mallorca, without a doubt one of the visits not to be missed is the visit to the Cathedral of Palma. Just walking along the promenade and seeing the majestic cathedral that seems to preside over the landscape of the Mallorcan capital, is an experience that will not leave you indifferent.
The cathedral, which we recommend you to see illuminated during the night, and the Mediterranean sea on the other side make these views an unforgettable memory.


The Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is known and highly valued throughout the world. It is based on the consumption of fresh and seasonal vegetables, fruits and vegetables, such as onions, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, aubergines, courgettes, spinach, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, apricots, peaches, melons, watermelons and many others that are considered not only rich, but healthy. The Mediterranean diet has been built up over thousands of years in this part of the world.


Hotels to travel with children in Santa Ponsa

Mallorca has become one of the most important destinations for family tourism. Every year hundreds of families come to Mallorca to spend their holidays with their families. The hotel in Santa Ponsa Holiday Center is more than just a hotel. It is your home, when you are away from home. It is your place to disconnect, enjoy and make your holidays an unforgettable experience for you and yours.


Santa Ponsa Beach

Santa Ponsa Beach

Santa Ponsa is one of the towns on Mallorca with the highest number of tourists on the island. One of the reasons for this is the fabulous Mediterranean climate and the average annual temperature of the area. These conditions favour sun and beach tourism in Mallorca and, above all, the beach of Santa Ponsa, which is alive and well all year round. Whatever time of year it is in Playa de Santa Ponsa, you will have things to do.

Santa Ponsa in itself is a city designed to cover all the needs of tourists during their holidays in Mallorca, but also to provide value and leisure activities to Mallorcan residents who come to Santa Ponsa to spend the weekend or simply to enjoy a day at the beach with friends or family. The promenade along the coast of Santa Ponsa has hundreds of restaurants, bars, supermarkets, souvenirs, among other facilities so that you don’t miss anything on your visit to Santa Ponsa Beach.


Reasons to visit Mallorca in summer

Discover the list of reasons why we invite you to visit Mallorca in summer.

Summer is synonymous with leisure and fun, there are so many things that can be done during a summer holiday in Mallorca that from Holiday Center we thought it appropriate to list our favourite activities so that you don’t miss out on everything that happens on the island in summer. Take pencil and paper and get ready to enjoy the adventure.

1. Relax in a beach club

There is nothing better than enjoying the summer days on the beach, the beach clubs or beach clubs of Mallorca turn a day of sun and relaxation into something really special. They offer elegant settings, luxury hammocks, restaurants, trendy bars and many more services. They offer their visitors elegant surroundings, luxury hammocks, restaurants, trendy bars and many more services. Some of them have swimming pools, massages and other treatments as well as chill-out music and many more services.


Mallorca, a paradise for cycling lovers

Mallorca and its many reasons for being the Mecca of cycling.

Mallorca is synonymous with sun and beach, beautiful landscapes and magical corners that can be discovered in many ways and one of them is by bicycle. A true paradise for the most adventurous who are ready to face the most unlikely challenges.

Mallorca is an island capable of satisfying the needs of both the most experienced professionals and the average amateur as well as those who are beginning to enjoy the advantages of cycling tourism in Mallorca.


Gastronomic markets in Mallorca

Discover the new gastronomic markets offered by the island of Mallorca. An upward trend that you can’t miss.

Mallorca, in addition to its excellent coves and beaches, is internationally renowned for its wonderful gastronomy. From a few years to this part there are many gastronomic spaces that have emerged in the city of Palma and have become a meeting point for lovers of good food. If you ask any Mallorcan what the latest fashion trends are in the city today, they will certainly tell you about the market fever. In recent years Palma has been dedicated to gastronomy for the enjoyment of tourists and locals, so if you choose the city as the destination for your next vacation, from Holiday Center we tell you the reference markets on the island that you should not miss. Will you join us?


What to see at Easter in Mallorca?

Discover what to do during your Easter holidays in Mallorca.

Holy Week is an ideal time to visit Mallorca, with many attractions of great cultural, gastronomic and landscape value and many possibilities of sunshine with mild temperatures and less tourist traffic than during the summer. So if you choose Mallorca to enjoy your Easter holidays, at Holiday Center we have a series of plans for you to make the most of your holidays in Mallorca.

1. For lovers of gastronomy

Mallorca offers an endless number of possibilities for the most demanding foddies during Easter Week. You should not miss a single one of the delights that Mallorcan gastronomy offers us during Easter Week. From panades, through the typical cocarrois and rabiols. Delicious dishes that combine the best of Mallorca’s orchards with seafood and tasty homemade sweets that finish off a meal or any dinner perfectly.


The best beaches in Mallorca

Discover which beaches are the most TOP during your trip to Mallorca

There may not be an island in the whole Mediterranean with so many extraordinary beaches like Mallorca and the most incredible thing is that many of them remain practically untouched, surrounded by nature and practically no buildings in sight.  Mallorca is one of the most touristic islands in all of Spain, and if that is the case we should ask ourselves why. The reason is very simple; it has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country and that swim have to envy any Caribbean beach. Year after year many of them are the protagonists in the main travel catalogues, enjoying them in summer is absolutely wonderful, strolling through its sand and calm waters in winter is an experience of another planet.