Hiking in Mallorca

Mallorca is an island full of plans and activities to do. Thanks to its great diversity of places and environments it is possible to go diving, cycling, horse riding or hiking. Hiking in Mallorca is a very common practice.

In Mallorca, there are many routes and excursions to do. Walking among the vegetation, mountains and the sea is simply idyllic. Knowing that you are surrounded by such beautiful places makes your walk an experience like no other.

For these reasons, if you are organizing your holidays in Mallorca, do not doubt that taking an excursion has to be among your plans. Also with the good weather in Mallorca, it is undoubtedly the perfect option. For this reason, we are going to recommend you some of the best hiking routes in Mallorca.

Sa Trapa

This beautiful route to the west of Mallorca is a well-known route. It is recommended to do it first thing in the morning or in the afternoon, due to the heat. It is a hiking route in Mallorca of medium difficulty.

Its beginning begins in Sant Elm, a small town in the town of Andratx. From there there are two routes to get to La Trapa. This place in Mallorca has incredible views of the Dragonera, an island known for being a natural park in Mallorca.

During the route it is very important to bring water and sunscreen so that the road is pleasant. On the way you will pass through authentic Mallorcan stone houses and the Mediterranean Sea will accompany you for much of the way.

If you are looking for an easier excursion, on the same path that the Sa Trapa excursion begins, the Cala Embasset excursion takes place. It is a much shorter route and it also has incredible views. At this point, you will find a magnificent watchtower in Mallorca, which will leave you speechless for its beauty.

Sa Dragonera

As we have mentioned before, a few miles from Andratx, you can find Sa Dragonera. Take a boat trip in Mallorca, from Sant Elmo to this beautiful Mediterranean island.

Once in La Dragonera, there are different routes, with different difficulties that you can do. At the ends of the island of La Dragonera there are 2 lighthouses that can be visited. Known as the Tramuntana Lighthouse, it is located in the extreme closest to Mallorca. Its name is due to the incredible views of the Serra de Tramuntana.

The other possible excursion is to the Llebeig Lighthouse. From it you can see the horizon of the sea, in the direction of Ibiza. The hiking route in Sa Dragonera up to the is a flat and easy path, accessible to everyone. Without a doubt, it is worth enjoying and observing all the corners of this hiking route in Mallorca.

Torrent of Santa Ponsa

Taking advantage of the Torrente de Santa Ponsa, you can make a very beautiful hiking route in Mallorca. Wrapped in nature and beauty you can stroll through the stream. The route is easy so it is suitable for people of all ages.

Around it you will find fields of carob and almond trees, typical Majorcan trees. It has very little unevenness so you will only have to worry about following the winding path.

The Torrent de Santa Ponsa excursion is not to be missed. When you get to the beginning of the path you will only have to enjoy the fresh air and the walk.

Cala Figuera Lighthouse

This beautiful lighthouse in Mallorca is an incredible place. Thanks to the fact that it can only be accessed on foot, few visitors come to it. The Cala Figuera Lighthouse was built in 1847, it is located next to an old military zone, and beautiful coves.

To start this route you must leave from the town of Portals Vells. Along the way, you will come across the ruins of a watchtower, which was attacked during the Second World War. All this hiking route in Calviá is traced next to the sea, so you can enjoy incredible views.

The excursion to the Cala Figuera Lighthouse is of medium difficulty, but as always it is advisable to bring the water, food and sunscreen necessary to enjoy it. Also next to the lighthouse, along the way, you will find a detour that will take you to a small cove. If during your holidays in Mallorca we do this excursion, it is worth resting and refreshing yourself in this corner of Mallorca.

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