Get to know the gastronomy of Mallorca

The typical dishes of Mallorcan cuisine

Mallorca is the preferred destination for a large number of visitors, who come to the island at any time of the year, especially in summer. Many of you will think (erroneously) that the island is just a sun and beach destination. But nothing of the sort, Mallorca is an ideal destination for all those who want to enjoy good food. Mallorcan gastronomy is of an extraordinary level, but many of its dishes are unknown to visitors. With natural ingredients from the Mallorcan vegetable garden, simply spectacular dishes are produced. In Holiday Center we discover the typical dishes of Mallorcan cuisine.

1. Sobrasada


Sobrasada is one of the star products of Majorcan gastronomy. This sausage comes from Porc Negre, an autochthonous breed of pig, cousin of the Iberian pig. This sausage is usually used to spread it on the typical brown bread or on the famous Mallorcan biscuits, the quelys. We don’t want to forget other products that come from the black pork, such as botifarrón, but without a doubt, the most consumed and appreciated product is sobrasada.

2. Ensaimadas


Ensaimada is another star product of Majorca’s cuisine. A typical product and that you will find in all the ovens or bakeries you enter. Made with water, sugar, eggs, dough and butter, you can enjoy them with their traditional version (without filling) or filled with chocolate, cream, apricots, angel hair, etc…

3. Coca de trampó


Another typical product of Mallorcan ovens is the coca de trampó. Next to the tumbet, the best example that the Mallorcan garden is one of the best in Spain. This kind of pizzas made with vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, onions…) is one of the specialities of Mallorcan gastronomy.

4. Frito mallorquín


I recognize it, one of my favorite dishes. A delicacy of Mallorcan cuisine that combines vegetables from the garden and liver of lamb or pork. Although it is true that it can also be made of seafood, lamb or pork is tastier. In the time of slaughter, pork is more typical, and at Easter the lamb. In addition to that, as ingredients, frito mallorquín has liver, potatoes, red peppers, chives, fennel, peas and tender beans. You will find this dish in most Mallorcan restaurants.

5. Arròs Brut


The traditional rice of the island is Arròs Brut (dirty rice). Don’t be fooled by the name, this rice is a real delight for the palate. The name comes from the dark colour of the broth. This rice is prepared with meat, typical Mallorcan sausages, such as sobrassada and butifarrón, vegetables and mushrooms. It is usual to see Mallorcans eating as a family on Sundays a tasty arròs brut. A delight of Mallorc’s gastronomy, thanks to the use of typical ingredients.

6. Tumbet


As we said before, the tumbet, next to the coca de trapó, is one of the examples of the good work of Mallorcan farmers. This dish is perfect for vegetarians, as it is made exclusively with vegetables, although it is a perfect accompaniment for fish or meat. The vegetables used to make the tumbet are eggplants, potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, green pepper, salt and oil.

7. Snails


Snails are another typical dish of Mallorca’s gastronomy. It may sound strange to eat snails, but once you try one you won’t be able to stop. Elaborated with a tasty broth that carries parsley, garlic, fennel, peppermint and chilli, the snails are served inside its shell. We recommend to accompany this delicious dish with a typical Mallorcan all i oli.

8. Pa amb Oli


Pa amb oli (bread with oil) is a simple and delicious food. You will only need a piece of brown bread (traditional Mallorcan bread), an extra virgin olive oil, a ripe tomato of bouquet and one of the many typical sausages of the island.

9. Esqueixada of Codfish


This fresh salad is ideal to enjoy in summer. A product as delicious as salted cod, and some vegetables typical of the Mallorcan garden. Ripe tomatoes, green peppers, beans, olives… Although Esqueixada of Codfish is a typical dish of Catalan cuisine, for years has been installed as a typical dish in Mallorca.

10. Eel pie


The eels are a delight of Mallorcan cuisine. Especially typical of Sa Pobla and the northern part of the island, this empanada is one of the typical dishes in January, during the Sant Antoni festival. For filling the eel pie, you will only need eels, parsley, chard, peas and paprika.

11. Cardenal de Lloseta


Along with the ensaimada and some others, it is one of the most emblematic sweets of Mallorca’s gastronomy. Traditional village of Lloseta (as its own name suggests), nowadays it can be found in any oven or restaurant. Cardenal of Lloseta is made with ingredients such as meringue, cream, Viennese sponge cake and cherry liqueur.

12. Sweet cocas of Valldemossa


The town of Valldemossa, besides being a beautiful town and a fantastic place to visit, is the place where they began to be made, and still remain the emblematic place to taste them, the sweet cocas. These potato cakes are soft and fluffy, ideal for soaking in coffee or hot chocolate in winter.

13. Majorcan Panades


Majorcan panades are another of the most delicious gastronomic dishes of Mallorca’s gastronomy. Typical of the Easter season, they are currently consumed throughout the year, and you can find them every morning in the typical ovens of the island. The variety is enormous: lamb breads with or without peas, pork breads, chicken and onion breads, meat breads…

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