Family hotels Mallorca

Mallorca is one of the most renowned tourist destinations in the world. No matter what holiday you are looking for, you will always find the perfect activities in Mallorca. If you want a romantic getaway, in Mallorca you will find many hidden coves and the most avant-garde restaurants. If you prefer a cycling holiday you can enjoy spectacular routes.

When the holiday season arrives many families have to find the perfect place for all their members to have fun. If you are in the same situation every summer, don’t worry, because we will reveal all the secrets to enjoy the island with your family. Whether you are looking for family hotels in Mallorca or the perfect place to spend the afternoon, you will find everything you need here.

Activities with children Mallorca

The possibility of carrying out activities with children is a key factor when choosing a holiday destination for many families. Because children are full of energy and the idea of simply lying on the beach differs from what they think is a perfect holiday. So when planning your family holiday, you should not only pay attention to finding family hotels on Mallorca. But being able to do activities with children will be key for all family members to have a great time.

In Mallorca you will find an infinite number of activities for the little ones: water parks, zoos, cinemas, etc… All these leisure activities are within your reach when you visit the island. Here we have compiled some of the most popular, so that during your visit you can easily find the activities with children in Mallorca that the little ones like the most.

Water parks in Mallorca

Although Mallorca has some of the most beautiful beaches and coves in the world. We know that children are not impressed by crystal-clear waters, and what they prefer is slides. Although we don’t fool ourselves, we all enjoy a dizzying descent into a swimming pool from time to time. If you are looking for water parks in Mallorca you are in luck because the island has several of them. The best thing is that they are all located in tourist areas, so from one of the family hotels on Mallorca you will have easy access to these facilities.

Zoos in Mallorca

Visiting a zoo is an activity that the youngest members of the family always enjoy. The possibility of discovering exotic animals, seeing them up close or even touching them is not something you can experience every day. Visiting one of the zoos in Mallorca can be an excellent way to spend an afternoon getting to know the island’s native fauna and flora. As the sea is very important in Mallorca, you will not only find traditional zoos. The island also has a considerable number of oceanographic centres such as Marineland and Palma Aquarium. In these places both children and adults will be fascinated by the wonders hidden under the waters of the Balearic sea.

Cinemas in Mallorca

Although the weather in Mallorca is always exceptional, there is a possibility that a bad day could spoil your plans to go to the beach. On those occasions having a plan to entertain the whole family becomes key, to manage to transform a bad day into a splendid one. For these moments going to see some of the latest releases on the billboard can be the perfect option. You can find some cinemas in Mallorca that will delight both children and adults, no matter what movie you want to see. In the cinemas in Mallorca you will find such a wide range of films that you will be surprised.

Family Excursions Mallorca

Mallorca is a fantastic place to explore, with countless routes and excursions for all levels. Whether you are a keen sportsman or just want to take a gentle stroll through the countryside, Mallorca has the perfect excursion for you and the whole family. Taking one of the family trips to Mallorca is a perfect plan to get to know the most beautiful corners of the island.

Thanks to the wonderful surroundings of the island you will be able to find an infinite number of Mallorca family excursions, with which the whole family will spend a pleasant day in nature. Excursions that end up in hidden coves or walks to peaks with incredible views are just some of the wonders Mallorca has to offer you and yours.

An excellent decision to spend a day in nature with your family is to opt for one of the circular excursions in Mallorca. This type of excursion ends at the same point where it starts, so you don’t have to worry about how to get back to your vehicle. Some of the most popular excursions in Mallorca run on wide, firm roads, so they can be an excellent option for taking a pram on your excursions.

Holiday Center Santa Ponsa

When planning your family holiday, finding family hotels in Mallorca can be a difficult task. Finding a place where both adults and children feel comfortable and have fun can be a challenge. It can be complicated unless you choose to stay at Holiday Center Santa Ponsa. Our hotel is perfectly prepared and equipped so that the whole family can enjoy their holidays to the full.

Our hotel is located in Santa Ponsa, one of the municipalities of Mallorca with the largest tourist offer. You can reach the Santa Ponsa beach in a few minutes or enjoy some of the restaurants in the area. However, if you want to get to know Palma de Mallorca from Holiday Center Santa Ponsa, you can get there in just 15 minutes.

If you prefer to enjoy a quiet day in the facilities that we put at your disposal, the whole family will be able to enjoy an infinity of activities. For example: refreshing yourself in the swimming pool, practising sports in our sports courts, enjoying the entertainment or having fun with the children in the mini-club. At Holiday Center Santa Ponsa we offer you the perfect place to spend a family holiday.

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