Family holidays in Majorca

If what you want is to spend a good family vacation in Mallorca, what you have to do is take advantage of those days to rest and have maximum fun. For this, the best option in terms of accommodation is a hotel for families where you can enjoy the company of your loved ones. In the hotels for families in Majorca you can create a more affective bond with your children and also with your partner.

One of the perfect hotels to stay on your family vacation in Majorca is our Holiday Center hotel. An ideal hotel to be able to enjoy a unique stay with your loved ones, with a wide variety of areas in which to relax and entertain yourself by doing activities and enjoying the wide range of leisure activities and the variety of cuisine. On your family vacations in Mallorca we want all family members to have a great time and for this, at Holiday Center, we offer you a children’s area so that the little ones can have fun in it.

Of course, spending a family vacation in Mallorca is an excellent choice as a tourist destination, since our island provides you with a wide variety of leisure activities for both adults and children. Of course, if you come on holiday to Majorca with the whole family, your stay will be a complete adventure. You will have a lot to discover and enjoy around the island. We are sure that if you stay at our Holiday Center hotel your family holidays in Majorca will be unforgettable.

Family accommodation Majorca

If you want to go on holiday to Palma de Mallorca with the whole family, the ideal thing to do is to look for a Majorca family accommodation to be able to enjoy your stay on the island in the best way. It should be noted that, if you decide to spend your family holidays in Mallorca, the best time is in summer since tourism is more crowded on those dates and there is a greater leisure offer.

You’ll find plenty of homestays to choose from. When choosing one, you should take into account that you can feel comfortable in the hotel you stay at and, above all, that it is a hotel that is located in a central area so that you can visit and get to know the surroundings of Palma de Mallorca.

Activities in Mallorca with children

To make your stay on the island more entertaining, there are many activities in Mallorca with children to do during those days. From Holiday Center we can tell you some activities that you can do with your loved ones during your stay.


This plan could be one of the favorites for the little ones. On the island of Mallorca you can find 3 water parks to go to to spend an entertaining and refreshing day. The water parks on the island are the Western Water Park, which is located in the Calviá area, one of the towns that Majorca has and one of the places that you should also visit during your stay and very close to our Holiday Center hotel .

Another of the water parks is the Hidropark de Alcudia. As the name says, it is located in Alcudia. It is a perfect park for the little ones to have a great time. As if that wasn’t enough, we have the largest water park on the island: Aqualand. It has a wide variety of attractions for both children and adults. Ideal to spend time with family. It is located in the El Arenal area, a short distance from the capital.

Palma Aquarium

A visit to the Palma Aquarium can be an entertaining activity as well as a productive one. Adults and children will learn curious facts about marine fauna. We are sure that if you come to Mallorca and visit Palma Aquarium you will fall in love with everything you can find. In addition, the little ones will have a great time since it has a small children’s area for them to play.

Beaches for children in Majorca

During your stay in Mallorca you can choose the beach that best suits you and your family. For example, if you come on vacation with the whole family, you can opt for beaches for children in Mallorca where there are activities to do with them.

One of the beaches for children in Mallorca that you can find is the beach of Santa Ponsa. It is the beach that is a few meters from our Holiday Center hotel. In it you will find ideal services for your children and water activities in which they can be entertained for a large part of the day.

We invite you to see for yourself how fun it can be to be on holiday in Majorca with the whole family and also how entertaining it can be to get to know the most popular and emblematic tourist spots on the island.

Holiday Center Majorca

If what you want on your family vacation in Majorca is to be able to spend a few days off but also have fun, the best option in terms of accommodation is undoubtedly Holiday Center Mallorca. Our Holiday Center Mallorca hotel is a perfect accommodation to enjoy with the family.

At Holiday Center Mallorca you will have the privacy and tranquility you need during your family vacation. In addition, as we have said before, we are close to the beach where you can enjoy a quiet, relaxing and fun day with the little ones. You will even be able to reach the entertainment points quickly since they are relatively close to the accommodation.

At Holiday Center Mallorca we have a space for children where they can play, paint and entertain themselves for as long as they want. As if that seemed little to you, at Holiday Center Mallorca we offer you an outdoor pool where you can cool off, sunbathe, eat, drink and relax.

If your intention is to spend a family holiday in Mallorca, do not hesitate to book at our Holiday Center Mallorca hotel. Fun and comfort for your whole family is guaranteed with us. We are waiting for you at Holiday Center Mallorca!

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