The best aquatic parks in Mallorca

It knows the water parks to happen one day in family

If you travel to the bay with your children do not forget the most entertaining offer of the island, with the best aquatic parks of Mallorca.

Adventure and amusement guaranteed for the family

From covered, floating, infinite slides, up to swimming pools for the small children with waves, they form a part of the attraction of these impressive water, ideal parks for the familiar enjoyment.

For the exceptional climate of this region, the beach options complement each other with the tourist attractions that include the best water parks of Mallorca and Europe.

In the offer for the most demanding tourists, this alternative of leisure is extended by the opening of the facilities, from the first warm days of the year, between spring and October.

If still you do not know these parks, now you have the opportunity to enjoy his attractions swimming pools and water, where you can share wonderful moments together with your family or friends.

In Magaluf, Alcudia and El Arenal are located the most important water parks, which rely on characteristics that they turn them into only ones. These are the best water parks of Mallorca, visited by thousands of tourists who do not hesitate to return every year:

Aquatic Park Western Water Park


Located in Magaluf, close of Holiday Center, ride his name for the fabulous setting that he remembers on the distant west. It presents a very current alternative that positions it, as one of the best water parks of Mallorca.

Close to the attractions of big dimensions, this space for the familiar leisure, offers acrobatics with a group of professionals and shows for all the tastes.

Western Water Park, with his challenging and high slides, does not make any visitor indifferent, so much to the most demanding, since to those parents who only accompany his children.

Recommended among the best aquatic parks of Mallorca, it catches the attention of all for his modern facilities, which combine to the perfection in a natural place, surprising for his creative design that it represents between a theme and aquatic park with the best versions of the series of the western cinema.

When the heat overwhelms, nothing better than an ideal environment with characteristics of leisure and a small farm of animals. Besides the excellent green spaces where to rest is a pleasure. Totally original, nowadays it differs between the attractions and reaches the category of one of the best aquatic parks of Mallorca with all the attractions set in the distant west.

His 3 thematic zones will not stop to surprise you: Western Land, simulates the wild west; The Step, it remembers the Mexican border in his setting and, finally, Indian Town inspires by the former settlements where the Indians were living.

With rapid slides, the emotions are not absent in this park, that Lake has been created for the children by attractions, as Children’s Paradise, the Mina and the Daky Park that there have representations of waterfalls and buffaloes close to the slides. All the aquatic zones are perfectly conditioned by pipes and buckets of colors to catch the attention of them sons.

Aquatic park Aqualandnd


With new offers, this attraction is in the zone of El Arenal and is located to the southwest of Mallorca, nowadays it is the most extensive water park between others of the island.

It has different zones with innovative games, as the Kamikaze and the Tornado, between a wide list of attractions for different ages. All the spaces are thought for the family and the smallest of the house take place. In addition, it possesses Chill Out & Play that turns out to be ideal for his swimming pool with bubbles.

In his 15 aquatic spaces distributed in 150.000 meters², you will be able to choose to throw between more than 40 slides and will live the most spectacular day in one of the best aquatic parks of Mallorca.

The smallest children amuse themselves in the attractions for the most children’s adapted for them, as Mini Park, Dragoland and the Polynesia.

Aqualand is the biggest of the water parks of Mallorca. It has very high slides and famous swimming pools with waves, as the acquaintances kamikazes and the famous lazy river, between others. In addition, it offers several options of leisure: museum of ancient machines of writing, mini-zoo, spectacles with beautiful parrots, children’s farm and places of rest for the whole family.

Aquatic Park Hidropark


Known by his different attractions, it is, undoubtedly, other one of the best water parks of Mallorca and in his  Chill Out possesses zone and up to mini golf.

In Hidropark the familiar amusement is assured to the north of the island by a variety of swimming pools and slides for all the ages and tastes.

In Alcudia’s Port they can appreciate the facilities from off and Toucan is located exactly in the Avenue. Opened the public from May until October, anually it receives tourists of the whole world who visit Mallorca, these admit that Hidropark is an impressive attraction to enjoy the children.

With a great surface, which includes 40.000 m ², it offers to the visitors swimming pool of beach and multitracks, close to other swimming pools with waves, very entertaining slides, minigolf, children’s zone and Chill Out.

If you prefer remaining dry in one of the best water parks of Mallorca, always you have a space thought to share, already be practicing in the minigolf or in the beautiful zone Chill Out.
It enjoys your vacations in the best aquatic parks of Mallorca, where you can accede in car and public transport to mount the children in spaces of game with water during the whole day.

In the most beautiful island of the Balearic Islands you possess the only destination to realize many activities in these parks, where the whole family finds his special site.

Since you will see, the amusement is a part of the life in Mallorca and to many tourists who prefer the island to go in vacations with his children, turns out to be a sure choice for the days of rest, besides the beaches that accompany this offer of leisure.

And you, what aquatic park will you visit this summer? It chooses between those of this post to happen a special day in company of the smallest of the house. It catches the moment and remember it always.

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