Adventure sports in Mallorca

The island of Mallorca offers us the opportunity to carry out a wide variety of activities. Among them are mountain sports, also called adventure sports in Mallorca.

Mallorca is a small island that you can reach anywhere in a short time. For this reason, wherever you stay, you will be able to get wherever you want to go. The mountains of Majorca and its forests allow us to practice adventure sports.

You can’t miss out on adventure sports in Majorca on your holidays in Majorca. They are suitable for all ages and the island of Majorca offers a wide range of them.

One of the best places to practice adventure sports is in our beloved Serra de Tramuntana. This mountain range is located in the northwest of the island of Mallorca and has been declared a World Heritage Site. Here are the most popular adventure sports in Mallorca.

Adventure sports that can be practised on the island of Majorca


The island of Majorca has a large number of routes for hiking. Millions of tourists every year come to the island to visit them during their holidays in Mallorca.

Exploring the different autochthonous species on the island of Mallorca can be one of the best experiences of your life. You can find them in our forests and it is the perfect activity to disconnect during your holidays in Mallorca.

You will also have the chance to visit the different villages of Mallorca that are located in the Serra de Tramuntana. These have a unique architecture and excellent gastronomy that will allow you to taste local products of great quality.


Many visitors take the opportunity to go canyoning in Mallorca. This type of adventure sport in Mallorca can be practised all year round and allows you to enjoy the different topography of the Serra de Tramuntana. The best time to practice it is between October and April.

This adventure sport consists of walking, swimming, climbing or jumping along different routes where there are torrents. There you can find different ravines that you can climb, allowing you to live one of the best experiences of your holidays in Mallorca.


This activity consists of climbing or walking along rock walls, steep slopes or other reliefs characterised by their verticality. On the island of Majorca you can find different places where you can practice climbing in Majorca.

Climbing during your holidays is a great idea. If you have never practised this adventure sport in Mallorca, we recommend you to do it with an instructor. It is another of the different ways to explore the mountainous areas of the island during your holidays in Mallorca.

Mountain biking

You can find a wide variety of routes in different parts of the island of Mallorca. In the northern part, i.e. the Serra de Tramuntana, you will find the most difficult routes as it is the most mountainous area. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you start with routes in the southern part of the island of Mallorca.

You can do this during your holidays in Mallorca by renting or buying a bicycle in the different shops on the island. Depending on the area and your level of skill, you will need to invest more or less money in it.

The island of Mallorca is full of beautiful routes, but you will have to find out which route is perfect for you. Don’t hesitate to go mountain biking safely, it’s the perfect activity to do with your family and friends during your holidays in Mallorca.

Cave exploring

Another of the most popular adventure sports for tourists and residents alike is cave exploring. It can be done by land or sea and requires an experienced person who knows the routes to follow.

Your holidays in Majorca can be even more exciting if you complement them with caving activities. It will allow you to discover the hidden side of the island, with underground lakes and unique landscapes that are hard to match.

What’s more, there are still many caves to discover and you can be one of the people to do so during your holidays. Don’t hesitate to try and explore caves. This adventure sport in Majorca will allow you to combine sport and fun during your holidays in Majorca.

The best areas to practice adventure sports on the island of Majorca

On the island of Mallorca we can find different places to practice the adventure sports recommended in this post. To make sure that you can complement your holidays with some of these adventure sports in Mallorca, we recommend some locations for each one.

For hiking in Mallorca, we recommend the Serra de Tramuntana. This is undoubtedly the best area on the island for hiking. It has spectacular excursions such as the Pedra en Sec route, Puig des Teix, S’Estaca excursion and La Comuna de Fornalutx.

If you feel like canyoning during your holidays in Mallorca, our recommendation is to do the following descents. Barranco de Coanegra, Torrent de Pareis, Barranc de Mortitx or Barranco de Na Mora.

If you want to go climbing, we recommend the following sites on the island of Mallorca. Located in the Serra de Tramuntana you can find Fraguels in Bunyola, Sa Gubia also in Bunyola, the Castle of Alaró or the area of Es Gorg Blau, among others.

If you want to go mountain biking in Mallorca, we recommend the following routes. The Cala Pi route, the Porto Colom route, the Artà route or the Tossals route. You will find the different specific details of these routes on the internet.

Finally, if you are looking to explore caves during your holidays in Mallorca, we recommend the following areas. The Coves del Drach, the Coves d’Artà, the Coves dels Hams or the Coves de Campanet.

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