Reasons to visit Mallorca in summer

Discover the list of reasons why we invite you to visit Mallorca in summer.

Summer is synonymous with leisure and fun, there are so many things that can be done during a summer holiday in Mallorca that from Holiday Center we thought it appropriate to list our favourite activities so that you don’t miss out on everything that happens on the island in summer. Take pencil and paper and get ready to enjoy the adventure.

1. Relax in a beach club

There is nothing better than enjoying the summer days on the beach, the beach clubs or beach clubs of Mallorca turn a day of sun and relaxation into something really special. They offer elegant settings, luxury hammocks, restaurants, trendy bars and many more services. They offer their visitors elegant surroundings, luxury hammocks, restaurants, trendy bars and many more services. Some of them have swimming pools, massages and other treatments as well as chill-out music and many more services.

2. Enjoy the leisure and cultural offer of the island

Mallorca has a cultural offer typical of the great European capitals. During the summer months there are many events and concerts in the open air, as well as plays with renowned actors and actresses who come to the island season after season.
There are also several international festivals of classical, jazz, pop and rock music. All this and much more can be enjoyed in the many cultural events that take place in Mallorca every summer.

3. Driving on the Serra de Tramuntana

Enjoying the corners of the Serra de Tramuntana driving your own car is a sensational experience, but if you drive in the car of your dreams, the experience will be even more exciting. Whether you’re driving a Ferrari, a Mercedes or a vintage convertible, you’ll feel like the real king or queen of the road. And if you want to take home an unforgettable memory of your holidays, don’t forget to take your camera with you to capture the spectacular views of the Tramuntana mountain range, a UNESCO world heritage site.

4. Discover Palma de Mallorca

Some areas of Palma such as La Lonja or the old quarter are full of history and architectural works worth admiring, so strolling through its streets is a real journey into the past. During your stay in Mallorca, we recommend that you dedicate two days of your stay on the island to visit Palma and discover its wide range of fashion, leisure and restaurants, which has already placed the city in one of the great European capitals for years.



5. Enjoy a day at the beach

Mallorca is a real paradise for sun, sand and sea lovers. On the island you will find from wide beaches with all kinds of facilities to enjoy a day with the family, to much smaller and paradisiacal coves if you want to spend a more relaxing day.

6. Visit the best villages of Mallorca

Take a stroll through some of the beautiful villages in the north of Mallorca and you’ll feel like you’ve travelled back in time. They stand out for their particular: Deià, Valldemossa, Banyalbufar and Fornalutx, named as one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Sitting in a bar or restaurant and enjoying Mallorca’s slow life is a real delight for the senses.

7. Live a gourmet experience

Sometimes the best holiday memories are memorable lunches or dinners and Mallorca is a true gourmet paradise. The island has world-class chefs who have been awarded the prestigious Michelin Guide star. Chefs of the stature of Andreu Genestra, Macarena de Castro, Tomeu Caldentey and O Marc Fosh are some of the prestigious chefs who delight the most foodies in the house.


8. Walks and parties

One of the most bohemian areas of the city is the neighborhood of Santa Catalina, an area full of bars and food establishments that has a great atmosphere. Just a short distance away is the Paseo Marítimo de Palma, a place full of restaurants, bars and discotheques for you to enjoy the Mallorcan nightlife to the full and enjoy the best taste in your mouth

9. Playing sport

Mallorca offers an endless number of possibilities when it comes to practising sports in Mallorca. Whether you like water sports or any other type of activity, you will find a wide variety of options in Mallorca. In addition to the typical and consolidated water sports such as kitesurfing, jet skiing and scuba diving or the already very popular paddle surfing, there are also others like cycling, tennis, golf that offer a wide variety of possibilities. There are also many opportunities for climbing and hiking in the Serra de Tramuntana. For those moments when you feel like playing sports in an enclosed and specialized fitness area, you can go to one of the many gyms equipped with air conditioning that Mallorca offers.



10. Discover Mallorca on board

To contemplate the Mallorcan coast from the sea is an unforgettable memory that you will take away from your holidays in Mallorca. To sail in style you can always rent a sailing or motor boat for a day or a yacht for a longer period of time.

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