What to see at Easter in Mallorca?

Discover what to do during your Easter holidays in Mallorca.

Holy Week is an ideal time to visit Mallorca, with many attractions of great cultural, gastronomic and landscape value and many possibilities of sunshine with mild temperatures and less tourist traffic than during the summer. So if you choose Mallorca to enjoy your Easter holidays, at Holiday Center we have a series of plans for you to make the most of your holidays in Mallorca.

1. For lovers of gastronomy

Mallorca offers an endless number of possibilities for the most demanding foddies during Easter Week. You should not miss a single one of the delights that Mallorcan gastronomy offers us during Easter Week. From panades, through the typical cocarrois and rabiols. Delicious dishes that combine the best of Mallorca’s orchards with seafood and tasty homemade sweets that finish off a meal or any dinner perfectly.

The cocarrois are a classic in Mallorcan gastronomy during Easter Week, they are small pasties and there are sweet and salty ones. The robiols are also crescent-shaped pasties that are usually filled with jam, angel hair and are usually the best sellers in any of the traditional ovens you can find on the island.
The days of Easter are days where fish is one of the star products on many tables and that is why we can also be found in many ovens on Mallorca with the typical fish empanadas, although there is also space for meat lovers with the typical meat empanadas with peas and sobrassada that make the local and visitors to the island delicious during these dates.
In addition, the island has important Michelin Star chefs such as Andreu Genestra, Adrian Quetglas, Tomeu Caldentey and Macarena de Castro who delight the most demanding stomachs.



2. For nature lovers

Mallorca offers a unique opportunity to enjoy an absolutely privileged natural environment 365 days a year. The island has many dreamy spots inside that deserve the attention of tourists who visit the island at any time of the year.

The Sierra de Tramunatana is the most precious treasure of Mallorca. Some of the most beautiful villages in our country are located in the interior: Fornalutx, Valldemossa, Pollença or Sóller with the mythical train that runs through absolutely dreamlike places. In addition, mountain and climbing enthusiasts have the opportunity to enjoy more than 54 summits on the island of Mallorca, which are over a thousand metres high. Only by enjoying an excursion will you be able to climb one of the many peaks you will find along the way, and only in this way will you be able to understand the beauty of the Tramuntana mountain range.


3. For the most curious

To stroll through the streets of the city of Palma is to enjoy an open-air museum. The city is full of monuments that evoke past times of the city, some as well known as the Cathedral of Palma that welcomes the millions of tourists who visit the island throughout the year. The Almudaina or Bellver Castle are among the most photographed monuments.
Another must visit is the route through the courtyards of Palma, where you can see more closely the old manor houses of the most influential families of Palma. These courtyards are an architectural jewel and an opportunity to get to know the heritage heritage and social life of the time.



4.- For sportsmen and women

Thanks to the excellent climate, the proximity of the sea and the mountains and the infrastructures make Mallorca the ideal place to practice all kinds of outdoor activities. The number of lovers of golf, cycling or water sports has been growing year after year, making the island a meeting point for nationally and internationally renowned athletes and fans of different disciplines who seek to emulate their sporting idols in a privileged environment.



5- For art lovers

The island’s artistic panorama is as varied and diverse as its natural surroundings, so art lovers can enjoy a very high level of exhibition, both in public and private centres where they can see exhibitions of top local and international artists.



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