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10 plans in Mallorca to do with children

It discovers the best familiar activities of the island

It knows the most fascinating Spanish island, a place that does not make anybody indifferent, to them do not also be too the house because in Mallorca they can enjoy a great number of plans to do with children.

10 places to visit in Mallorca with the family

Both in summer and in winter season we recommend you to discover many interesting sites in Mallorca, and to live through an experience entertaining that sure you will want to repeat with your children or family.

From the excursions to the thousand-year-old caves, hotels with all the comforts for the families or beaches that are paradisiac, up to the trains of wood, these are 10 plans in Mallorca to do with children:

1. Beaches and coves


Recognized by his great beauty, water color turquoises and white sands, the beaches of Mallorca are from great attraction for the lovers of the photography and of the sea. The walks with the small ones in the days of the sun, can turn into the perfect plan to enjoy your vacations, though it will turn out difficult to park for the tourists’ abundance in summer.

2. Water Park


In any epoch of the year, when you travel with your children, you have the possibility of signing to share a healthy amusement in the island in some of the plans to do with children in Mallorca. Undoubtedly, preferred by all they are: Western Water Park, near to Holiday Center or Aqualand in Arenal.

3. Castles of the 14th century


It takes the small ones of the house to a medieval imaginary trip in the beautiful Castle of Bellver. This circular construction is the most ancient and curious in Palma. There you will be able to know more in the Museum of History that one finds in the castle. A different and wonderful experience!

4. Palma Aquarium

Palma Aquarium is another attraction between the varied plans in Mallorca to do with children, where nobody gets bored and they learn everything related to the marine life. This park has a bonus of amusement and differs from others for his aquatic tunnel of big dimensions, has 5 million liters of salty water and near 8.000 animals.

To dive with the sharks nearby is an unforgettable offer between the plans in Mallorca to do with children.

5. Soller’s train


If you travel with your children do not forget to give a walk in this train that the Serra de Traumantana crosses and remembers to last century in his structure. It will take you for the city up to Sóller’s locality, placed to the northwest of Mallorca, and from there you can come in streetcar to the port of the same name with spectacular conference.

6. Cabo Formentor

Undoubtedly the place that you cannot stop visiting in your trip to the island. Besides being one of the best plans in Mallorca to do with children, ideally for his beaches of transparent waters and the cliffs that will hallucinate the smallest of the house. In the natural zones, you will be able to realize activities and to come to the Formentor in bicycle, always with precaution because he presents enough curves.

7. Alcudia’s port


His beaches and maritime walk, close to many offers for demanding tourists who offer the hotels they are some of the attractions of this zone. So much the rooms, miniclub, apartments, restaurants, climate swimming pools, bars, as well as all the facilities of the places of hotel and catering business are thought for the family and are chosen by the visitors who want to spend his vacations in family.

8. Jungle Park Junior


If you like the adventures this forest park is perfect for an unforgettable day with your sons. They will be able to take part of the different circuits with several levels of difficulty. The whole adrenaline for the adventurers more enthusiasts, placed closely together of our Holiday Center.

9. Isla Dragonera


Since one of many plans in Mallorca to do with children in this small island of the island you will discover different habitats with a great variety of animals and species. In 1995 there has been declared Nature reserve, where the visitors practice hiking to enjoy the natural air and the excursions are allowed by ship that you can contract for one day. Undoubtedly, an activity for that the children will be grateful for being very original.

10. Walls of Alcudia


For carried away of the history these constructions are ideal, typical of the island and recommended between the plans in Mallorca to do with children, are representative of the walled towns. Though the whole Alcudia’s city is surrounded with these wonderful walls, stands out the conservation and perfection concerning the urban area. Do not forget to rise with any more with the smallest of the house and to take part of this free activity that will enjoy the whole family.

Any of these offers to travel to the island, with all the members of the family, they turn out to be ideal, and you have to your scope of a wide tourist offer of leisure with all the alternatives, already they are entertained or calm. You will be able to choose between these 10 plans in Mallorca to do with children.

It exist an endless number of activities that include all the services in hotels with a view to the sea, comfortable apartments and swimming pools. It gives his better vacations and adventures to your children in family in the known tourist attractions that you will find in the island.
It selects between the walks in boat, hiking, concerts of music, the only water parks, underground lakes and walks along historical places.

It programmed today your trip with the best plans in Mallorca to do with children and lives through your vacations close to the whole family.

Mallorca is the place best valued by the tourists who travel with children and prefer natural environments to share agreeable moments in a magic enclave, also for the small ones.
It turns your days of rest in unforgettable with the exciting experiences that Mallorca offers. You will return always to re-live through all the emotions and will offer the best amusement to your children.

Holiday Center discovers the best tourist offer to travel with children and shares with you your familiar experiences in any epoch of the year!

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