10 places that you musn’t lose in Mallorca

Discover the bests sites in the island

Mallorca is the tourist destination more defendant of the Mediterranean for his spectacular beaches and paradisiac corners that, thanks to his excellent climate, you will be able to enjoy all the year.

It is a precious island that possesses the best communications the rest of Europe, nowadays it is visited by thousands of tourists, who recommend to know it in any season, since it possesses cultural offers and of leisure for all the ages.
We bring 10 corners that you musn’t get lost in Mallorca to do of your trip an unforgettable experience, because we know that the island offers many activities to spend it nice. Nevertheless, you will need more than one week to discover all the captivations that Mallorca offers. Some of the sites that you cannot stop knowing are the following ones:

1. Pueblo Español


You will live through dreaming afternoons in a precious zone, and with the best environment. Besides the only walk that recreates the squares, streets and constructions of the towns of our country, you will find bars or restaurants to share an appetizer or a refreshment, especially in the area dedicated to Granada and Córdoba.

2. Beach of Puerto Portals

This cala is outlined for his natural brilliance and singular beauty that doesn’t make anybody indifferent. This cala is one of the most visited of the island for his extraordinary beauty and is closely together of our fantastic Aparthotel Holiday Center, where you will be able to enjoy a nice stay close to your family. Especially, this cala with thin sand and turquoise color waters, is considered to be the “Marbella” of the island by the yachts and ships anchored in his port. Undoubtedly, an authentic paradise.

3. Cuevas del Drach

It is the

local jewel for being an extraordinary walk between nature and rocks that it fascinates to all, and that concludes with the walk along the interior of the cave on board of a boat, where you will enjoy a spectacle of lights and music. If you don’t have car you can take a bus from the center of Palma that will move to the town of Porto-Cristo, the municipality in which you will find the Cuevas del Drach.

4. Cathedral of Palma

The beauty of the Cathedral stands over any other artistic monument in the city of Palma. Thanks to his nearness to the beaches it shows off to be the watchman of the sea. It is one of the corners most requested by the tourists, to being the second biggest Cathedral with Gothic style of Europe, after the Beauvais Cathedral, in France.

5. Arabic baths


Palma is a mixture of the cultures that have passed for the island along his history, from the Romans, Christians, up to the Arabs. These baths used by the Arabs during his conquest centuries ago, it has a principal entry and room with arches in mint condition conservation where the baths were realized. Also, you will cross the garden located in an attached court enabled to be visited in any time of the year.

6. walk along the port by ship


If you are lover of the nature, nothing more attractive that a walk along the port in the boats, the companies in Mallorca offer boats for a distance of almost an hour of duration, where it is possible to view during the walk the beautiful Cathedral. This walk is recommended by the tourists for excellent views that it offers.

7. Bellver’s Castle


It is the only castle in Europe that stays with round plant and has turned into one of the activities most demanded by the travelers into the island. So much his nearness to the sea, as his great height they stand out in this Castle, favoring the improvements dress from his towers. It is worth visiting this extraordinary castle for a price of economically and limited rates. In addition, to accede every Sunday doesn’t have any cost.

8. Change of Royal Guard


With the attentive look of the tourists the Palace of the Almudaina, in the city of Palma, produces the change of Royal Guard with soldiers dressed in uniforms coordinating to the perfection his movements, which make all the visitors amazed. This spectacle is free in an ancient monument and is realized monthly to the midday of last Saturday of the month.

9. Soller’s Train

Nowadays the success of this activity depends to the tour by train, that already counts with more than 100 years of antiquity, from Palma up to Sóller’s precious locality. His walk, which dates back of 1912, is one of most requested by residents and tourists thanks to the beauty of the distance, where it is possible to estimate the nature and the autochthonous animals. It has an attainable price.

10. Walk in horse on the beach


If you travel to Palma in family or with your pair, you can walk on the banks of the sea a romantic day to loins of a horse, or if you prefer it for the center of the Mallorca capital. To take a fantastic recollection to you in the carriages, placed to begin the tour in the Cathedral or the Palace of the Almudaina.

It discovers Mallorca, a fantastic place for your better vacations, knowing these 10 corners that you musn’t get lost, where you will share emotions and good moments close to your family. Lodge at the Aparthotel Holiday Center and the best leisure live with magics moments in the most popular beaches.

But, if already you have visited previously the island it re-discovers these corners and perceives the sensations that there describe many satisfied travelers who return always to his calas, ports, and aparthoteles looking for a perfect rest.

It begins to plan already your next vacations in Mallorca if you are looking for the ideal environment to relax and to enjoy yourself the leisure that the tourists recommend. An unforgettable experience lives surrounded with nature, sea and culture that you will discover to every step. And certainly, don’t forget to taste the local dishes of the zone with flavors that always you will remember.

Today it is the ideal day to project your visit with the advantages of a good choice in this destination. What corner would you like to visit not to get lost at all in your next trip? We advise you going to Santa Ponsa!

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